ICDF Stategic Plan

The ICDF is dedicated to improving oral health and the dental profession in the U.S.A. and the World.
The ICD USA Section Foundation supports and promotes the educational, scientific, literary, and humanitarian efforts of the International College of Dentists’ USA Section and other collaborating organizations and individuals.
Oral health is essential to the quality of life and an integral component to overall health. The dental profession promotes the improvement of oral health. Excellence in dental education and lifelong learning is critical to the future of the profession. Dental humanitarian and educational services are important and should be promoted throughout the world.
Integrity - Leadership - Service

Strategic Plan 2016 - 2018

  1. We have an effective and efficient ICDF organizational structure — Goal Champion — Roberson
    1. Review and update Foundation purposes and goals
      1. Assess Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and recommend changes
      2. Develop Strategic Plan recommendation for BOT action
      3. Develop an ICDF Policy Manual
    2. Enhance functioning of ICDF
      1. Develop new “Committee” structure and functions
      2. Assess the need to hire a professional fundraiser
      3. Investigate the possibility of including a non-dentist corporate executive as a member of the BOT
      4. Evaluate staffing needs and timing for additional staff
  2. We provide financial support for both the humanitarian and educational activities of the USA Section and other collaborating organizations and groups — Goal Champions — Morris and Hunter
    1. Establish policy for disbursement of Foundation funds
      1. Determine percentages to be granted to domestic vs. foreign projects
      2. Consider joint ventures with GVF
      3. Develop strategy for amount and types of annual disbursements
      4. Assess current grant process and make any necessary changes
    2.  Assess, enhance, and set goals for CURRENT fundraising efforts
      1. Place specific amount of ICDF contribution on dues statement?
      2. Expand Century Club to District, state, and individual Fellow levels
      3. Promote Key Room sales by updating catalog annually
      4. Assess the strategy for corporate contact
      5. Utilize the Ambassador position
      6. Identify appropriate measures to recognize donors including timely receipts for tax purposes
    3.  Develop, implement, and set goals for NEW fundraising efforts
      1. Investigate the development and advertisement of a Planned Giving program
      2. Investigate the development and advertisement of an Estate Bequeath Program
      3. Establish criteria and incentives for additional Named Funds
      4. Consider an “Associate Member” category to include non-Fellow individuals
      5. Develop a strategy to encourage former ICD officials to contribute
  3.  We have the appropriate financial strategy to enable support — Goal Champion — Paler
    1. Assess current portfolio management policy and determine if changes are necessary
      1. Obtain consultation on current investment/portfolio management and make recommendations about need for new strategies
      2. Develop and implement audit policy
      3. Review current ICDF financial policy and recommend any necessary changes
    2.  Increase our corpus to $2 million
      1. Maintain constant communication with ICDF groups soliciting funds
      2. Provide periodic reports to BOT showing trends in revenue or expense categories and suggest appropriate changes
  4. We have effective communication and public relation strategies — Goal Champion — Galeone
    1. Establish effective ICDF website and database
      1.  Assess and enhance ICDF website
      2. Assess and enhance ICDF database
    2. Incorporate the use of social media and electronic communications
      1. Utilize social media modalities in communications
      2. Utilize electronic communication as primary means for ICDF functioning
    3. Assess and enhance our Public Relations strategies
      1. Develop strategy to identify ICD Fellows’ potential activities/programs/events that should be considered for support (local to national) and recognition
      2. Conduct periodic surveys of US Fellows in conjunction with the Section
      3. Develop a PowerPoint presentation about the ICDF-highlighting the history, purpose, and activities of the ICDF
      4. Assure ICDF branding is appropriately utilized
      5. Assess the need to hire part-time marketing consultant with graphic arts background
    4. Promote and recognize dental journalism excellence
      1. Continue the ICD support and recognition of excellence in journalism
    5. Support dental education and dental students
      1. Communicate with all US dental students about the ICD and what it does for students
      2. White Coat Ceremony support
      3. Mentoring support
      4. International Student Experience
      5. Global Health Student Association
      6. Recognize dental student leadership and humanitarianism
    6. Support Volunteerism
      1. Support ICD Volunteer symposia
      2. Develop Video/PP on Volunteerism in Dentistry and provide link on Foundation website
      3. Collaborate with organizations that support and promote Volunteerism in Dentistry
      4. Enhance the PR afforded to the ICD for volunteer efforts