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District 13 — Fellows in Action News — CDA Cares

March 9, 2016
District 13 ICD Fellows recently volunteered for the CDA Cares Program in Fresno and Ventura, CA. There is also an event planned for Stockton, CA on October 15–16, 2016. CDA Cares is a volunteer dental program in California. The program provides oral health care services to those in need offering extractions, fillings, cleanings, oral health education and assistance finding a source for ongoing dental care. On a limited basis, they offer root canals, dentures and temporary partial dentures. All of...

District 13 — Fellow in Action News — Dr. Ronald E. Fritz — Huatulco

March 18, 2016
Wonderful Huatulco Mexico is the second largest country in Latin America, and the only one located in North America. With its more than 120 million people, it is large enough to have regional food, music, and cultural biases. Along the Mayan Rivera, for example, the coast faces the Caribbean Sea, and much of the food, music, culture, and certainly climate is very similar to the Latin Caribbean islands. Since college days, I have enjoyed this country, its history, people, customs,...