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District 15 — Fellows in Action — Spring for a Teddy Bear of Love Project, 2017 Edition

May 22, 2017
FELLOWS IN ACTION Dr. Kevin Beitchman Spring for a Teddy Bear of Love In April of 2014, ICD Fellow Dr. Kevin Beitchman of Texas developed a project he called Spring for a Teddy Bear of Love. He and his wife Linda wanted to do something to help cheer the children at the Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio. The need was something the Beitchmans experienced first-hand. When their son, Joshua, was born prematurely in 1992, he was held in an...


May 1, 2017
Dear Fellows, Please be aware that we are changing the annual meeting schedule this year. In Atlanta, our ICD USA Section Fellowship Orientation Program will be held on Wednesday, 10/18/17 (instead of Thursday) and the Convocation and Dinner Program will be held on Thursday, 10/19/17 (instead of Friday). We were asked to make this change so that our members - both Fellows and Candidates - who are Delegates for the ADA could fulfill their obligation to attend the House of...

District 11 News — Fellows in Action — Nepal 2017

May 12, 2017
Dr. Kaz Rafia recently returned from a week of volunteer dental work in Nepal, alongside another Fellow (ICD Section VIII - Australia) Dr. George Manos. Dr. Manos has set up a clinic at Kopan Monastery outside of Kathmandu. Dr. Rafia said this experience is "literally the greatest example of brotherhood and collaboration I've ever been a part of, and a great honor to participate under the auspices of ICD!" Submitted by: Dr. Kaz Rafia

Foundation News — Fellow in Action — Uganda 2017

May 31, 2017
Uganda 2017 Through a grant from the ICD USA Section Foundation, Fellow Jean L. Creasey recently traveled to Southwestern Uganda to learn more about Ebino, a rural African practice in which primary, mandibular, canine tooth buds are removed from febrile infants. Otherwise known as “infant oral mutilation” or IOM, it is performed by “traditional healers” or Abafumu as they are known locally. While results of this practice are usually limited to loss of primary canines and collateral damage to permanent...