On February 10, 2018, San Joaquin Dental Society hosted it’s local Give Kids A Smile Day at Saint Raphael's Dental Clinic in Stockton, CA. Their goal was to provide approximately 85-100 underserved children with dental services free of charge. At this event children between the ages of 1-17 were treated.
With a team of more than 100 volunteers, ICD Fellows Drs. Douglas Fong, Brad Louie, Lester Low, Bruce Toy, and Janice Scott, helped to examine 52 children and complete over $25,000 worth of free dentistry for the children.
Thank you all for your kind service!
Dr. Low said on his Facebook page, "I was proud to be Clinical Director of this wonderful group. You all rock! Smiles all around!"

Retrieved from Facebook: 2/27/2018

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