District 13 Vice Regent Dr. Craig Yarborough presented the International Student Experience check from the ICD USA Section and the ICD USA Section Foundation to the University of California, San Francisco.

The school received $688.63 from the ICD's USA Section and USA Section Foundation to help defray the costs of the students' mission trip to Kenya. 

The ICD USA Section International Student Experience Program provides dental students of today the educational and cultural enrichment necessary for professional leadership in the global community tomorrow.  2016 was the first year under the new name, International Student Experience Program, which reflects our support of the learning opportunities of mission style trips as well as reciprocal exchanges.  The popularity of these programs continues to grow, as does academia's appreciation for its benefit to contemporary student education. In 2017, we had 17 USA dental schools participating, representing approximately 35 international trips and 14 schools participating in 2018. In 2019, we had 19 USA dental schools participating, representing approximately 44 international trips.  Many dental school applicants are even evaluating the availability of international opportunities in their selection process.

These projects are made possible by the combined efforts of the ICD USA Section and the ICD USA Section Foundations. Your kind Foundation donations fund the International Student Experience Program. 

Featured Image: Students:Vandan Kasar D2, Punam Patel D2, Claire Skach D2, Allison Jan D3, Sheela Lewis D3, Deepika Ramachandran ID4. Faculty Members: Drs. Sunil and Claire Kapila. Dr. Craig Yarborough is holding the check in the middle. 

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