July 19, 2016

Why You Should Consider Applying for an ICDF Grant for your USA Project

Ted Roberson, ICDF President

The vision of the USA Section Foundation (ICDF) is: “The ICDF is dedicated to improving oral health and the dental profession in the U.S.A. and the World”. We receive financial support from a variety of sources (corporate, Fellows, advertising, projects, etc.) that is then used to support worthwhile projects to fulfill that vision.

Several ongoing projects that include ICD Fellows are listed below:

  1. Dr. Kim Harms (District 10) has been instrumental in supporting medical and dental education in Rwanda as well as promoting the enhancement of knowledge by supplementing Rwandan libraries with books and computers. This is very important because Rwanda has about 12 million people and only 20 practicing dentists. Much effort has been made to increase the potential for dental care in that country.
  2. Dr. Ron Fritz (District 13) has always been fascinated with Latin America, especially Mexico. Teaming with several others he was part of a dental/medical/vison mission trip in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. A group of 75 provided care in a different village each day. He stated: “Get involved in some way to aid the needy, and you will find it true that you are blessed beyond measure.”
  3. Dr. Frank Serio (District 16) has been going to the Dominican Republic for 34 years to provide dental care. Over 60,000 Dominicans have been helped by his services. Frank is one of the ICD spokespeople for our Volunteer Symposia presented at most major US dental meetings. He also was the ADA recipient of the Humanitarian Award in 2015.
  4. Dr. Bill Hunter (District 10) was instrumental over the past 16 years in developing dental clinics at the Kikuyu and Chogoria Hospitals in Kenya. There are 700 dentists to serve a population of 44,000,000. From a small beginning, this has evolved into the “Kenya Oral Health Initiative” providing services to the poorest segments of Kenyan society and receiving volunteers to teach and provided services. 

While these are all representative of some of our international projects, the ICDF wants to support US ICD Fellows in their projects in the USA as well. Therefore, we want to encourage you to apply for an ICDF grant for your local, state, or national project. The grant procedure is relatively simple and can be found on the USA ICD website (www.usa-icd.org). On the drop-down menu in the gold bar at the top, select “Foundation”, then select “Homepage”, and then select “ICDF Grants”. Once you open the ICDF Grants section, you will find instructions, guidelines, and then the actual Grant Request Form which can be completed and submitted electronically.

We want to assist and encourage our USA Fellows in their US projects. Please review the ICDF Grant information and submit your grant request information. There is an August 1 deadline for submissions. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me or Bill Hunter, Chair of our Grant Committee. 

Ted Roberson, ICDF President

Bill Hunter, ICDF Grant Committee Chair

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