January 31, 2017

El Salvador 2016

ICD Fellows Dr. Stuart Loos (Canton, GA) and Dr. Dave Mason (Lafayette, GA) were part of the dental team that provided dental care to the underserved population of Citala, El Salvador. They worked closely with the mayor of Citala, as well as the 2030 Civic Club. Dental procedures provided were primarily extractions, amalgam and composite restorations, and root canals. The hygienists that accompanied the dentists did a phenomenal job with cleanings and scalings. When the work day was over, food and entertainment were provided by the local population, and great fun was had by all. Drs. Loos and Mason provided private schools with tutorials in oral health and the English language. Since Citala was close to the border of Honduras and Guatemala, guided excursions were possible and taken advantage of.

Dr. Loos and Dr. Mason presented their Citala, El Salvador dental mission trip at the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry inaugural GHSA chapter meeting in Jackson, MS. They also presented a check on behalf of the ICD to the GHSA. The students were exposed to an entertaining hour which was accompanied by food, refreshments and a collection of photographs documenting the mission experience. KUDOS to Pre-Dental student Tyler Slate (GA) who compiled and facilitated the power point presentation.

This presentation was delivered to the Global Health Student Association (GHSA).
Click Here to view the El Salvador Presentation

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