Project Implementation


Instructions for Deputy Regents

Note: Some of this material may be referenced elsewhere; however, this is meant to be a comprehensive guide for Deputy Regents tasked with implementing the program at a new location. The Deputy Regents are primarily responsible for implementing the program in each Fisher House. The Regents and Vice Regents should also promote the project as much as possible.

  1. Identify Fisher House locations in your area.
    The first task is to identify any Fisher House facilities in your state or region. There may be more than one. That information is available at the Fisher House website:
  2. Identify ICD Fellows in the area surrounding your Fisher House locations.
    As a Deputy Regent, you are probably already aware of Fellows practicing near a Fisher House in your state. If not, the following website may be helpful: Click on “Tools”. Open “Zip codes”. Click on “By Radius”. Plug in the zip code of the Fisher House in question and try a sample radius. If you are in a densely populated area, you may only need a few miles. Conversely, in rural areas, you may need to plug in 15-20 miles. Searchbug will then give you a list of zip codes within that radius. After you have identified those zip codes you can use the Excel list of Fellows in your State to find those with zip codes within the radius you selected. The Section Office can provide you with the Excel roster for your state. (Note: The ICD’s roster address/phone is not necessarily for a Fellow’s office.) You may find a particular Fisher House where there are no Fellows within a reasonable distance. If this occurs, please look for other volunteer dentists who will help us with this project. (These volunteers may be good candidates for future Fellowship.)
  3.  Recruit a Point of Contact (POC) if none has been assigned (or volunteer for this position yourself.)
  4.  Soliciting Volunteer Fellows
    Once you have identified the Fellows surrounding your Fisher House location, the next step is to contact these Fellows and ask them to participate as volunteers. A sample solicitation letter is included under “RESOURCES”. You may also need to call or e-mail your Fellows to further explain the program. You can include specialists on the list, just be sure to identify them as such when you make the contact list. On your contact list, include the office location, phone numbers and any other contact information that the volunteer Fellow deems necessary. Once completed, a copy of your current list should be sent to the Section Office. This list should be kept up-to-date. Changes should be sent to the Section Office as they are received (and vice versa) to ensure that our volunteer information and contact numbers are always current.
  5. Contacting Fisher House Managers
    As soon as you have solicited volunteers for a specific Fisher House, the next step is to contact the House manager at that location. That contact information is available on the Fisher House website. You should cover the following points as part of your contact with the manager:
    1. Identify yourself as a Fellow of the ICD representing the Fisher House Project. Explain that the ICD is the oldest and largest dental honor society in the world.
    2. Find out if the House manager is familiar with the project. If not, explain it as clearly as possible.
    3. Always encourage the managers to visit the ICD USA Section website to learn more about the College and to review the section on the Fisher House Project.
    4. Always emphasize that services are for emergency and palliative care only and that all services are free.
    5. Provide the House manager with the POC dentist for that Fisher House. Explain that the list will be updated periodically.
    6. Provide copies of the “Family Member Letter” to give to each family who needs emergency dental care.
    7. Explain that the program requires very little time of the House manager. The ICD asks that the House manager explain the program to any family member who needs our services. The family member will call the POC for the name of a volunteer dentist. (We ask that calls to the volunteers on the roster be evenly distributed.) The family can make their own appointment with the volunteer dentist unless the POC wants to assist them in that regard.
    8. Also, provide the manager with your contact information (Deputy Regent) as well as the point of contact  for the whole project: Dr. Gerald (Jerry) Karr (see #7 below).
  6. Scope of Care
    As Deputy Regent, you should emphasize the following to volunteer Fellows:
    It is the purpose of this project to provide free emergency and palliative care for family members at the Fisher House. PLEASE inform staff of your participation in the free service. This care may include, but is not limited to, the following: pain management, temporary or permanent fillings as needed, extraction, repair of a broken denture or partial, or referral to a specialist who is willing to donate their services. At no time should the patient be charged for any dental care provided. This is our gift to the soldier’s family.

    Treatment of these patients should be the same as any new patient in the volunteer’s office. All appropriate patient information and medical histories/medical clearances should be obtained and kept by the volunteer’s office. The ICD will not be responsible for the record keeping, other than the reports provided to the Section Office.
  7. Reporting Donated Procedures
    Each provider dentist is asked to fill in the Reporting Statistics form for each patient seen. That report shows the dental procedure provided and an estimated value of the donation. The form should be emailed or faxed to the Section Office within 30 days. This information will give us data to quantify our donations and the success of this program.
  8. Need Help?
    The College is excited about this program and wants it to succeed. If you are having difficulty implementing this program, do not hesitate to ask your Vice Regent or Regent for assistance. The Point of Contact for this project is: Dr. Gerald R. Karr, or (931) 801-8651 Central Time.

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Revised 4/19/2016