A primary goal of the International College of Dentists USA Section is the recognition and promotion of Leadership in members of the dental profession. Dental leaders manifest their talent through service to fellow dentists, to members of their civic and religious communities, and even to all of mankind.

In 2004 the Leadership Committee devoted several weeks to collecting ideas and goals regarding Leadership. Some of the responses to the question, What is Leadership? were as follows:

  • The quality in a person that inspires other people to listen and follow.
  • The ability to instill confidence and purpose in others.
  • The ability to provide direction and focus for an individual, group or organization.
  • The setting of a caring, visionary and thoughtful direction for an individual, group or organization.

These qualities still stand true today.

Leadership Activities

  • ICD Leadership Coordinators have been identified for every state in order to develop and nurture leadership activities at the district and local levels.  The chairman of the Leadership Committee coordinates this effort nationally, and the Section Office provides support for these programs.
  • White Coat Ceremony messages of leadership and professionalism are presented by fellows of the International College of Dentists at dental school ceremonies throughout the country.

Leadership Awards (See Awards for more information)