Many USA Section Fellows are volunteering to provide a dental examination and Panorex x-rays for Peace Corps applicants at no charge if called upon. The dentists are not compensated for their time, equipment or supplies.

Note to Peace Corps Applicants and ICD Dentists: If our ICD dentist shares a dental practice, please do not schedule an appointment with a partner, as he or she may not be a Fellow on our list of providers. Applicants are asked to allow for ample time to fit an appointment into the dentist's schedule. Email Mary Jo Webster in the ICD USA Section Office if the dentist's staff is not familiar with our program, before booking an appointment for a free Panorex x-ray, dental and perio exam. Applicants are to bring the Peace Corps dental examination form to the appointment. Any dental treatment needed to bring an applicant's mouth to a healthy state will be the financial responsibility of the Peace Corps applicant. An applicant may choose to be treated by his/her own dentists. As part of the dental exam packet, the applicant will have a form titled Cost-Share Authorization Dental Examination. Our ICD dentists' gift to both the applicant and the Peace Corps is to do the examination at no charge to either. The $60 Cost-Share allowance funds can then remain in the Peace Corps Treasury. Cost-Share funds are not available for dental treatments. Please click on your state below for a alphabetical-by-city list of participating dentists in your area. 


Dentists Participating in the Peace Corps Program

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Message to ICD Fellows - If you are interested in providing free comprehensive dental exams, Panorex x-rays and perio exams to Peace Corps applicants through our ICD Peace Corps Program please provide your name, office address(es) and phone number(s) or website address to Mary Jo Webster in the Section Office at  Thank you!

Fellow Providers, please check your contact information and let us know if anything has changed.