Robe Sale

All ICD Fellows – In 2011 the USA Section Board of Regents voted to shift from owning our Convocation robes to renting them. Our Convocation robes are offered for sale to ICD Fellows. Because of the interest in purchasing robes in the past, the Executive Committee has chosen to sell them at a set price of $120 per robe shipping and handling. Robe description and more information »

Our ICD Convocation Robes are a fine-grade, black poplin with velveteen trim. They have three front panels - lilac, traditional hue of the dental profession; gold and dark green, the official College colors. There are regulation black velvet bars on the sleeves, with a three-inch gold band below the bars. Very few hats are still available in limited sizes at no extra charge. The price of Robes is $120 including shipping and handling. (Note: Robes weigh about 4 lbs and hats weigh about 1/2 lb.)

We accept checks, Visa and MasterCard payments. (Do not send credit card payments by email – We cannot guarantee a secure connection.) Contact Mary Jo at the Section office with questions - or phone (301) 251-8861 9-4:00 ET.