It is my honor to serve as your President of the ICD USA Section Foundation.
Without question, our world has changed over the past year and I wish to thank our Board of Trustees for their enthusiasm and dedication in adapting to the new normal and keeping the Foundation up to speed and on course. We exist to support the USA Section in its humanitarian, educational, scientific and literary efforts.
As our world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic much of our life had been put on hold. Many offices were closed temporarily and getting back to “normal” has taken on a whole new meaning. We have all been affected in different ways. This may be the new normal but brighter days are ahead.

Not the least of those affected has been your ICD USA Section Foundation. But while much of our world has gone virtual, the Foundation continues to provide real support to make the world a better, healthier place for so many people. $108,900 in grants have been awarded this year to support start-up and on-going programs that provide direct dental care for those in need as well as educational opportunities for dental students. We also partner with The Henry Schein Cares Humanitarian Stimulus Grant Program to foster and support ICD USA Fellows’ projects in their state and local communities. Nineteen Stimulus grants of $500.00 each were awarded this year.
I would like to offer my special thanks to our Immediate USA Section Foundation Past President, Dr. Margaret M. Culotta-Norton; our outstanding Board of Trustees; our staff, Kylie Evans, Paula Rinaudo, Jennifer Greenville, Nicki Bayhurst; and, of course, our Registrar Dr. Elaine C. Wagner for their continued guidance and support during these unusual times.
While so much is going on around us it’s easy to overlook the important work that the Foundation provides. Please visit the ICD USA Section Foundation Website for information to support your Foundation. With your support, we strive to make the world a better place and make you “ICD PROUD”.
In Fellowship,

Edwin L. Morris, DDS
President, ICD USA Section Foundation