It is an honor and a privilege to serve as President of your ICD USA Section Foundation. The Mission of the ICD USA Section Foundation is “to support and promote educational, scientific, literary and humanitarian efforts of the ICD USA Section and other collaborating organizations and individuals”. Every ICD publication you receive from the Section includes links to interesting articles, events, charitable projects around our country and the world, plus there will be a link to donate to the Foundation. Some of you may ask - Why should you donate?  Where is your donation directed?  Is my donation tax-deductible?  

The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) corporation which means that every dollar you donate is fully tax-deductible. The motto of the ICD USA Section is “Serving Others”. Just prior to writing this I reviewed more than 30 applications for grants to worthy causes throughout the US and abroad. They range from repairing cleft lips and palates in countries like Mexico and Costa Rica to the support of low-income Veterans’ dental health to MOM’s in underserved America to dental health missions led by ICD Fellows in countries as poor as Haiti and as far away as Armenia and Kenya. Virtually all are led by one or more ICD Fellows. 

Other significant ongoing projects that your donations support are the Bettie R. McKaig International Student Experience Program, Global Health Student Associations, the International Humanitarian Outreach Program, ICD sponsored Humanitarian Volunteer Seminars at major US dental meetings and the Kikuyu and Chogoria Hospital Dental Clinics in Kenya, Africa to name just a few. Click here to view our projects.  

We also partnered with The Henry Schein Cares Humanitarian Stimulus Grant Program to foster and support ICD USA Fellows’ projects in their state and local communities. Fourteen Stimulus grants of $500.00 each were awarded in 2021. However, the Henry Schein Cares funding ended in 2021. 

This year we hoped to give more than $140,000 in grants; however, since the pandemic and lack of in person Convocations - contributions to the Foundation have declined dramatically. None-the-less we will give over $100,000 early in 2022. We need your contributions now more than ever as our world continues to struggle with what seems to be a never-ending pandemic and its collateral damage. Please go to usa-icd.org/foundation/donate right now and help us double our humanitarian efforts and support by the end of 2022! We cannot do it without you! 

Another tremendously exciting Signature Project is before the Board of Regents. We who have worked diligently with Chair Ted Roberson cannot wait to tell you more about this once we have its final form and approval by the BOR.

Special thanks to our Immediate USA Section Foundation Past President, Dr. Ed Morris; our outstanding Board of Trustees; our central office team of Kylie Evans, Paula Rinaudo, Jennifer Greenville, Mary Jo Webster; and, of course, our Registrar Dr. Elaine C. Wagner for their continued guidance and support during these challenging times.
As last year President Ed Morris said – “Without question, our world has changed, and I wish to thank our Board of Trustees for their enthusiasm and dedication in adapting to the new normal and keeping the Foundation up to speed and on course...” Ed did a great job leading us in 2021.  My belief is the end is in sight, perhaps with a bump or two along the way, but we will overcome these unprecedented challenges. All of us who are privileged to have received the designation as Fellows of the International College of Dentists can lead the way through our influence, service, talents and sharing of our treasure. Thank you for being an active part of your ICD and your Foundation! 

Yours In Service to Others,
Robert L. Frazer, Jr., DDS
ICD USA Section Foundation President