Good afternoon from your ICD USA Section 2020 President and your Registrar.

The Governor of Maryland issued an executive order directing all “non-essential” businesses in Maryland to close for an indefinite period of time beginning at 5:00 PM EDT tonight. Therefore, beginning tomorrow at 9:00 AM EDT, the entire USA Section staff will be working from home. All essential functions of the International College of Dentists USA Section will continue while we are working remotely. To reach any of our staff members, you can continue to call the normal phone number (301-251-8861) and a USA Section staff member will answer your call. They will be able to transfer your calls to other staff members, so you shouldn’t need to wait for a call back if you want to speak to someone other than the person who answered the phone.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for your patience as we work the bugs out of working remotely. At this point in time, it’s hard to even hazard a guess when the office might open again.

Let’s face these unprecedented challenges together by exhibiting our core values of leadership, integrity and service. The ICD has weathered nearly 100 years unfazed by disease, financial crises, wars and natural disasters. We’ll weather this latest pandemic as well and possibly emerge even stronger and more focused on our mission and vision!

Stay safe, take care of those around you, and stay well!

In Fellowship,
Dr. James Setterberg, ICD USA Section President and Dr. Elaine Wagner, ICD USA Section Registrar