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DESCRIPTION: “Deputy Regent” is the term used to describe the ICD leader in each Chapter. Deputy Regents are appointed annually by the Regent of the District for a one-year term. Each Chapter of the USA Section of the ICD must have a Deputy Regent. The Board of Regents may approve multiple Deputy Regents for a state if it is heavily populated and/or challenged by large geographical area. The Deputy Regent serves at the pleasure of the Regent and may often ascend to the Vice Regency.

The Deputy Regent assists the Regent with ICD activities/projects/dissemination of information in the designated Chapters. The Deputy Regent also appoints the Counselor(s), Treasurer, Editor, Leadership Coordinator, and Screening Committee with Regent approval.

The Deputy Regent has a primary responsibility in the Fellowship nomination process. He/she should not only be active in identifying potential candidates but also efficient in processing those candidates nominated. This will require communication with constituent
Fellows to encourage sponsorship of candidates. ICD District or State Rosters (Excel format), mailing labels, and email strings are available from the Section Office free of charge. Please inform the Section Office of Fellows’ contact information changes: [email protected]

Communicating the values of the International College of Dentists and identifying candidates who embody those values are two of the most important aspects of the position of Deputy Regent. Every encounter of an ICD Fellow with a student or young dentist is an opportunity to foster leadership and promote the ideals of the ICD. Enjoy the Fellowship and take pride in the work you do for the greater good for dentistry.

DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES (could include but not limited to):
  • Partner with the Regent, Vice Regent, Counselors, and Editors to promote the ICD in your state/Chapter.
  • Coordinate the Fellowship nomination process within your state. Partner with Counselors to identify and nominate Fellowship candidates. Contact je[email protected] with electronic Fellowship process questions.
  • Inform sponsors and candidates of the induction fee, currently $650.
  • Adhere to the May 15 deadline for completed Candidate Information Forms (CIF), including Regent approval.
  • Encourage local Editor to submit timely state news for the USA Section website and/or Facebook. Digital photos should be 300 megapixels or more for a clear copy; caption should be included. Email news to Kylie Evans at: [email protected].
  • Develop relationships with leaders in state associations, dental schools, and alumni organizations to better identify established and emerging leaders to honor with ICD Fellowship.
  • Foster leadership activities in your District Chapter(s).
  • Be familiar with the USA Section website and its contents:
  • Become familiar with and promote ICD projects (Peace Corps, Fisher House, etc.)
  • Initiate special ICD projects in your Chapter. Consider projects with a leadership theme or ones which foster international collegiality.
  • Mentor dental students, young dentists, and new Fellows.
  • Attend local, state, and District dental meetings to increase the visibility of the ICD.
  • Plan an annual ICD meeting in your Chapter. State dental meetings and alumni association meetings are perfect opportunities.
  • Assist the Vice Regent and Regent with District meetings.
  • Monitor the business activities of the Chapter. Treasurers deposit funds received from the ICD USA Section Office for state dues and disburse funds to support leadership activities.
  • Choose Chapter officers who will promote the ICD values and be timely in their designated activities to assist you in your position as Deputy Regent.
  • Attend the annual Deputy/Vice Regent Breakfast, Fellowship Convocation, and Dinner Dance at the USA Section ICD annual national meeting (if in town for annual meeting.)
  • Contact new Fellows after they return home from their Induction Ceremony. 
  • Assist the Editor with the development and publication of the District newsletter. This may include taking photographs at events, writing articles, and/or recruiting information.
  • Develop the Necrology report for your Chapter; inform the USA Section Office at [email protected]; and send a sympathy card to the family of the deceased Fellow.
  • Also inform the Section Office of changes to Fellows’ contact information. 
  • Develop and implement a long-range Strategic Plan for your Chapter/state.
  • Assist the Regent and Vice Regent with the development and implementation of a long-range Strategic Plan for your District.
  • Attend the White Coat Ceremony for the Freshman class of the dental schools in your Chapter/state.
  • Coordinate all intra-state ICD activities.
  • Promote USA Section ICD Foundation contributions.
  • Encourage attendance at ICD USA Section Foundation-sponsored Continuing Education Conference.
  • Attend Regent Orientation Meeting (optional)
  • The Section receives the names of qualified students from each dental school and gives a Student Leadership Award and a Student Humanitarian Award every year. Contact the school and be present, or if possible, present the award. Invite the awardee to your meetings if possible.
  • Digital copies of our ICD logo and key symbol can be provided if you choose to print stationery.
  • Certificates of Appreciation are available for free from the Section Office to recognize special contributions to the state or District. (If presentation frame is requested, there is a nominal fee, currently $10.00 plus shipping.) Remember the Section Office needs about a week lead time to do this.
  • For further information, please call the USA Section Office: 301-251-8861; or toll free 877-806-4231; or by email:
    • Nicki Bayhurst at [email protected] for roster and dues status information
    • Jennifer Greenville at [email protected] for candidate information form (CIF) electronic process information
    • Kylie Evans at [email protected] for photo uploads, announcements in our electronic KEY-MAIL, news articles, newsletters, etc. Content to be uploaded on the website and / or on our Facebook page