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DESCRIPTION: “Regent” is the term to describe the leader of each of the seventeen ICD USA Section Districts. Regents are elected by the Board of Regents for a term of four years. The seventeen Regents, along with the eight USA Section Officers, compose the USA Section Board of
Regents, which is the governing body of the Section.

Each Regent is responsible for conducting and reporting the affairs of their District. Their roles are critically important in the governance of the Section. They implement the policy of the Board of Regents in their District and state chapters. They are expected to perform their duties in a thorough and timely manner.

DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES (could include but not limited to):
  • Attend all meetings and functions of the Board of Regents.
  • Ensure that qualified candidates for Fellowship are identified and nominated in their District. Furthermore, it is expected that the District Induction goal for each District is realized.
  • Disseminate ICD information between the National and District ICD personnel. They will provide appropriate District/state Fellow or District accomplishments or activities to the Section Office. Section Office will relay BOR actions to their District personnel.
  • Regents will vote on every Fellowship candidate.
  • Be familiar with the ICD USA Section website and its contents:
  • Appoint the Deputy Regent(s) for the chapters of their District. Deputy Regents are appointed annually, their term to begin at 12:01 a.m. January 1st of the year following the Fall Convocation. Deputy Regents are appointed for one year but may serve indefinitely at the pleasure of the Regent. Since many Deputy Regents will move up to Vice Regent and eventually Regent, some consideration should be given to the age of the Deputy Regent. When a Deputy Regent concludes his term of office, it should be acknowledged by the Regent. On request, the Section Office can provide a certificate of appreciation for the Regent to present.
  • Provide the Registrar with his/her recommendations for the new District Regent and Vice Regent at least sixty (60) days prior to his/her last Fall BOR meeting, when the Regent and Vice Regent elections will take place.
  • Submit electronic reports to the Registrar forty-five (45) days prior to a BOR meeting. Such reports will identify activities that occurred in their Districts since the last meeting of the BOR.
  • Send (preferably digital) copies of any District newsletters to the rest of the Board and the officers. Digital copies of the newsletters should be emailed to the Section Office ([email protected]) for posting on the ICD website.
  • Send letters or emails to Fellows-Elect to welcome them to the College and offer any assistance they might need prior to the Convocation. Also, a congratulatory letter / email could be sent after the Convocation. The Regent should convey to the Fellows Elect the honor of being selected for Fellowship, the history and goals of the ICD, their responsibility as Fellows to promote the core values of the Section (Integrity, Leadership, Service), and encourage them to “Share the Honor” by inviting worthy colleagues to Fellowship. The Section Office will provide contact information on request. (Updates are entered frequently, so always obtain a fresh list when contacting Fellows in your District.)
  • Regents, with other District officials, should consider a variety of activities and events for Fellows in their Districts/ chapters.
  • Partner with the Vice Regent, Deputy Regent, Counselors, and Editors to promote the ICD in your state(s)/chapter(s).
  • Promote the Fellowship nomination process within your District. Partner with the Deputy Regent and Counselors to identify and nominate Fellowship candidates.
  • Develop relationships with leaders in state associations, dental schools, and alumni organizations to better identify established and emerging leaders to honor with ICD Fellowship.
  • Foster leadership activities in your constituent or component chapter.
  • Mentor dental students, young dentists, and new Fellows.
  • Become familiar with and promote ICD projects (Peace Corps, Fisher House, etc.)
  • Initiate special ICD projects in your District/Chapter(s). Consider projects with a leadership or service theme or ones which foster international collegiality.
  • Attend local, state, and District dental meetings to increase the visibility of the ICD.
  • Attend any annual ICD meeting in your constituent or component chapter. Consider conducting District meetings.
  • Monitor the business activities of the District. For multi-state Districts, maintain constant contact with constituent / state ICD personnel.
  • Choose District Officers who will promote the ICD values and be timely in their designated activities to assist you in your position as Regent.
  • Attend the Fellowship Orientation Program (FOP), Convocation, and Dinner Dance at the ICD USA Section Annual National Meeting.
  • Assist the Editor with the development and publication of the District newsletter. This may include taking photographs at events, writing articles, and / or recruiting information.
  • Inform the Section Office of deaths, changes to contact information, as received.
  • Develop and implement a long-range Strategic Plan for your District.
  • Attend the White Coat Ceremony for the Freshman class of each dental school in your Chapter and / or District (or ask an ICD local officer to represent ICD.)
  • Coordinate all intra-state and inter-state ICD activities.
  • Promote ICD USA Section Foundation contributions.
  • Maintain custody of the Regent’s Medallion and ICD lapel pin, and wear them at meetings of the SECTION and the COLLEGE, where appropriate.
  • ICD strongly encourages all Regents to participate in at least one humanitarian mission or seminar during the four-year term to support our vision, core values and motto.
  • Meetings The Board of Regents usually meets twice a year. One m