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DESCRIPTION: “Vice Regent” is the term used to describe the District officer who usually succeeds the Regent. Vice Regents are elected by the Board of Regents for a four-year term concurrent with that of the Regent of that District. The key responsibility of the Vice Regent is to be prepared to assume the duties of the Regent in the absence of the Regent. The Vice Regent serves as the designated District officer in the absence of the Regent. To do this effectively the Vice Regent must have a working knowledge of all ICD activity within his or her District.

DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES (could include but not limited to):
  • Attend any Board of Regents meeting which the Regent cannot attend.
  • Partner with the Regent to determine the most effective way to promote the ICD in the District.
  • Assist the District Deputy Regents with the identification of candidates for ICD Fellowship.
  • Attend the Fellowship Orientation Program, Deputy/Vice Regent Breakfast meeting, Convocation, and Dinner Dance at the ICD USA Section Annual National Meeting.
  • Contact new Fellows after they return home from their Induction Convocation.
  • Become familiar with the Fellows in your District. The Section Office will provide a list of Fellows with contact information.
  • Be familiar with the USA Section website and its contents, including the new electronic Fellowship process: .
  • Participate in as many state and District ICD activities as possible. In multi-state Districts or large single state Districts the Vice Regent may represent the Regent at some functions.
  • Become familiar with and promote ICD projects (Peace Corps, Fisher House, etc.) 
  • Initiate special ICD projects in your District. Consider projects with a leadership or service theme or ones which foster international collegiality.
  • Mentor dental students, young dentists, and new Fellows.
  • Assist the Editor with the development and publication of the District newsletter. This may include taking photographs at events, writing articles, and/or recruiting information.
  • Assist the Deputy Regents with the Necrology reports.
  • Assist the Regent and Deputy Regent with the development and implementation of a long-range Strategic Plan for your District.
  • Coordinate dental school visits with the Regent and Deputy Regent.
  • Attend the White Coat Ceremonies of the dental schools.
  • Promote USA Section ICD Foundation contributions.
  • Assist the Regent and Deputy Regent in coordinating any inter-state ICD activity.
  • Attend Regent Orientation Meeting. (Optional)Attend all meetings and functions of the Board of Regents.
Active participation as Vice Regent will create a solid foundation for your time as Regent. Realize what an honor it is to be an officer in the International College of Dentists and enjoy being a mentor to your dental colleagues.