1. Launch of a new Website – Updated, thorough and user friendly. Candidate Information Process – New all electronic process through the website. We will be developing a manual to go with the process steps. Very Successful.
  2. Applied Strategic Planning. With a focused approach, our initiatives are moving along smartly and we are well ahead of where our accomplishments would be without such planning. So successful is this initiative that we updated it in January 2016.
  3. Volunteer Symposiums – A key element in the Leadership component of our core values. This is an initiative to coordinate the efforts of ICD Fellows that currently provide or wish to participate in international volunteer outreach programs. The intent of the committee is to foster collaboration and provide links with organizations and university programs that promote international cooperation. The Section works closely with the American Dental Association and financially supports their ADA Humanitarian Opportunities Website. Several regional symposiums on volunteerism are held for the profession throughout the United States each year and the seminars have met with resounding success.
  4. Peace Corps Project. The Peace Corps receives approximately 6,000 applicants a year from throughout the United States. Some of the applicants have their own dentist; others do not. Most of those accepted to serve as Peace Corps Volunteers will be in locations where there is no access to dental care. Fellows provide dental examinations and radiographs at no cost to the Peace Corps volunteer, which also frees Peace Corps funds for other uses.
    1. Background – In a 2006 Board of Regents Meeting it was determined that Fellows in the ICD will assist Peace Corps applicants by offering free clinical examinations and X-rays in conjunction with their Peace Corps application.
    2. Good to Community – Those accepted into the Peace Corps serve as volunteers in locations where there is no access to dental care. For this reason there is a standard of dental wellbeing that must be met before an applicant is accepted for Peace Corps service. It was felt that both the Peace Corps and the ICD have global missions with involvement in many countries, hence the initial connection.
    3. Participants – This Peace Corps dental exam effort allows Fellows of the ICD to help the Peace Corps mission, on a voluntary basis, as well as participate in one of our many worthy projects. Currently we have Fellows signed up to give exams in all 50 states.
    4. Current initiatives – Provided a Peace Corps update in our newsletter along with a brief explanation of our complimentary services the ICD Fellows to provide the applicants.
    5. Point of Contact – Ms. Kylie Evans, [email protected]
  5. The International Student Experience (ISE) has enjoyed considerable success and expansion within the USA over the last several years. The objective of the Bettie R. McKaig International Student Experience Program is to prepare dental students for future leadership in the global community by sharing cultural and professional experiences with students throughout the world. A most informative brochure and manual can be downloaded from the USA Section web site at The future success and expansion of this excellent program will be dependent on future funding.
  6. The Global Health Student Associations of the USA Section have been initiated at the University of Georgia, the University of Maryland, the University of North Carolina, Harvard School of Medicine, and the University of Texas Dental Schools. They offer an excellent mechanism for both undergraduate and graduate students to develop their interests in oral health, humanitarian opportunities, and cultural enrichment worldwide. These organizations have significant potential for future growth and development. A protocol and brochure is available for the GHSAs.