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Understanding the Organizational Plan for identifying new candidates

Figure 2 shows the hierarchy of this organizational plan with the primary duties for each group or individual in the recruitment strategy. This geographic model starts at the national level and culminates with the “boots on the ground” at the local level. The detailed duties of each group or individual can be found in the references listed. This diagram is meant to provide an overview. More specific recruitment and retention responsibilities with timelines are presented below in the “Annual Action Plan for Recruiting new Fellows.”

Identifying qualified and deserving candidates for Fellowship requires a “grass roots” effort (an organizational plan.) Any Fellow in good standing may nominate a qualified colleague as a Candidate for Fellowship. However, our recruitment strategy uses an organizational plan that is designed to ensure that there are Fellows in nearly every dental community seeking to identify qualified Candidates.

Geographically, the USA Section is divided into the same Districts as the ADA. There are 17 districts represented by 17 Regents and 17 Vice Regents.  Some districts are divided into states.  Single state districts with a large population of dentists are further divided into chapters that are represented by Deputy Regents.  There is a total of 66 Deputy Regents.

Although Regents, Vice Regents, and Deputy Regents have prescribed recruitment duties as listed in the Bylaws and Standing Rules, it is not always possible for these individuals to identify qualified Candidates at the local level in their constituent areas. Our strategy calls for further dividing the responsibilities of recruitment into local representatives by utilizing “Counselors” who are appointed by the Deputy Regents. The office of Counselor is described in the Bylaws and is not a new position; however, that office has been under-utilized in the recruitment strategy. By including this additional level of representation, hopefully, no qualified Candidates will be overlooked.