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After the Deputy Regent prescreens a candidate, the Sponsor receives an email with a link to forward to a Fellow to complete the CIF and the Candidate receives an email to complete the CIF. The Candidate clicks the link then clicks “The Candidate Information Button.” If unable to complete the Form in one sitting, click “Save Draft”. This generates and email with a link to return to the unfinished CIF. The Candidate can attach a CV after completing page one and click "Submit with CV" or complete the three pages and click submit. 
Below are helpful instructions to aid in filling out the form. We wish to know the good you have done. Inform us, let us know. Contact your Sponsor with questions.
Candidate Information Form (CIF) requires information including demographics, education, career and life. Often, the Candidate is reluctant or remiss to include their roles in various settings, either out of modesty or overlooking them. To be a viable Candidate for Fellowship, we expect a Candidate to be presented in the best posture and have an inclusive CIF response (especially considering that every CIF is reviewed by over 25 ICD officials throughout the country). To assist with the development of a CIF that incorporates appropriate responses, the following examples are presented as a guide for the Candidate to consider.
Examples of Potential CIF Responses

Career Type – Indicate all that apply

  1. Private practice
  2. Military
  3. Educator
  4. Dental administration
  5. Hospital based
  6. Retired
  7. Other
Military Service
  1. Armed Services – Active      Federal Dental Specialty
  2. Armed Services – Reserve
  3. Public Health
  4. Veteran Affairs
Specialty Status
  1. ADA Specialty
  2. Other
Hospital Appointments
  1. Hospital privileges
  2. Hospital full time
  3. Administrative Position
  4. Committee
Dental Organization Membership
  1. National
  2. State
  3. District
  4. Specialty
  5. Dental Editors
  6. Administrators
  7. Education
  8. Other
Academic Appointments
  1. Department Chair
  2. Faculty
  3. Committees
Professional Lectures/Presentations
  1. Clinical
  2. Organizational
  3. Education
  4. Leadership
  5. Research
  6. Other
List publications, if any: 
  1. Clinical
  2. Military – directives
  3. Materials
  4. Research
  5. Business
  6. Patient/Staff Interactions
  7. Other
  1. University
  2. National
  3. Commercial
Community and Non-Dental Organizational Activities
  1. Volunteer Roles
  2. Religious Activities/Roles
  3. Community Organizational Roles/Positions
  4. Scouts
  5. Coach
  6. Nursing Home
  7. Chamber of Commerce/Civic Clubs
  8. Politics
  9. Local School Positions/Activities
  10. Business Board or Other Positions
  11. Armed Force/Role/Support
  12. Tutoring
Humanitarian Activities
  1. Operation Stand down - veteran support
  2. Mission of Mercy
  3. Overseas assistance – Haiti, South America, Africa
  4. US Assistance – Appalachia, poverty areas
  5. Other
Other Activities  
  1. Athletics
  2. Travel Experiences
  3. Political Roles/Activities/Positions
  4. Exercise
  5. Gourmet Cooking  
  6. Outdoor Activities
  7. Hobbies
  8. Children Support Activity
  9. Other