"This too shall pass."

This age-old adage which is thought to have originated with an ancient Persian philosopher reflects on the temporary and ethereal nature of our human condition…..whether good or bad. When times are good it warns us against pride. When times are bad it is meant to bring consolation amidst fear and uncertainty.
I encourage you as my friends, colleagues, and Fellows in the ICD to embrace the truth of this proverb as a source of consolation during this crisis which we are all facing.
Right now you may be thinking, “ Yes, it may be true that “this too will pass’, but in my life this passing is more like that of an agonizingly slow and unusually large kidney stone.” As Fellows in the same profession we can all appreciate each others suffering since none of us in dentistry has escaped the ramifications of this pandemic.
Fortunately, I have the privilege of knowing the fabric and character of those who will receive this email. Each one of you was extended the honor of ICD Fellowship based on your record of Leadership, Integrity, and Service. I am convinced that those same attributes that you have demonstrated in the past will be there to see you through this crisis.
I am also convinced that when these trying circumstances are behind us, each of us will have learned some important life lessons. Personally, this has forced me to slow down and take time to reflect on what is most important to me. You too might have found yourself using this time to examine what you value the most. Once this passes and we return to the hectic lives we once called “normal”, I believe we will remember this time of reflection as a valuable experience.
In keeping with our motto, “Serving Others“, I would encourage each of you to use this time to seek ways to help someone else who is suffering during these difficult times. Reach out to a colleague or friend you haven’t connected with in a while. You may find you called just when they needed encouragement the most.
As I am writing to you, unfortunately the spread of COVID-19 is escalating. Sandra and I recognize that our faith and courage are being tested now as never before. We also believe it is our responsibility to share with our family just what it is that allows us to find encouragement and peace in these troubled times.
We realize and respect that our Fellowship includes those of many different faiths; however, we hope that you will understand that our convictions persuade us to say,"This crisis is demonstrating to us (once again) that we are not in control. God is in control, and we are trusting in God to see us through it."
May God bless you and keep you well,
Gerald R. Karr, DDS, MS, FICD
President-Elect, ICD, USA Section
Photo: Dr. Karr and his wife Sandra Karr