This program is endorsed by the International College of Dentists USA Section.

Great Expectations
is a professional mentoring program which calls on that peer influence to help guide the student toward more professional and ethical conduct. At its core the new student is assigned an upper classmate who has already demonstrated strong ethical and professional behavior. The under classmate is also assigned a faculty mentor and a practicing dentist from the local community who will have a growing role in the student’s development as the student progresses toward graduation.

The setting and environment of this mentoring activity is always to be informal, enjoyable and without pressure. The intent is to create a trusting and collegial atmosphere for the maturing professional, thereby teaching professionalism and ethical behavior by example rather than by exam.


The concepts underlying this program are contained in the precepts fostered by Dr. Arthur Dugoni during his many years as teacher and Dean of the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.


Here in a nutshell are his principles: Build people - by inspiration.

Build self-worth - by building on the positive.

Create a sense of family.

Respect everyone.

Call students “doctor” from day one.

Create an environment of trust based on integrity.

Create a passion for fairness.

Eliminate the negatives.

Create an environment of Zero Tolerance for: Arrogance


Destructive behavior

Communicate at every level, and demonstrate often the qualities of a humanistic educational model.

To find out more information about starting a Great Expectations Mentoring Program in your area, please email the USA Section Office at [email protected].