The Legacy Society is a program the ICD USA Section Foundation initiated to recognize those Fellows who provide support for the Foundation’s 501 (c) (3) from their estate. To receive such recognition, a minimum of $5,000 must be provided by the estate. This support may be provided in a variety of ways: Required Minimal Distributions (RMD) from retirement accounts; estate/will bequeaths; retirement benefit bequeaths; or insurance benefit bequeaths.

The participating Fellow will not only receive all the normal benefits of a charitable donation, but also will be recognized in ICD publications for their generosity. They will also be periodically updated on what the USA Section and Foundation are doing and for what types of activities their contributions are utilized. In this way the Fellow will remain engaged with what is happening while supporting key activities and programs.

What types of things will be supported by this effort? Our guiding principles are Integrity, Service, and Leadership and both the Section and Foundation have initiated many projects to support those principles. Examples of some of these projects are: the International Student Experience (ISE)-that supports US dental students’ volunteer trips overseas; awards (leadership and humanitarian awards to dentists and dental students); Peace Corps support; MOM clinics; grants (approximately $140,000 per year to domestic and international humanitarians efforts; volunteer symposia (presented throughout the USA to assist dentists in their volunteer opportunities and actions); journalism (both publications as well as journalistic organizations); and students (White Coat ceremonies, awards, ISE, and Global Health Student Associations).

To become a member of the Legacy Society your financial advisor/tax preparer/estate planner will assist you in determining the method to accomplish your donation. You just need to decide how much you wish to provide to the ICD and consult with them to determine the best source for the donation. It should be a relatively simple process that might be dealt with by a codicil to your will. The donation recipient should be identified as “The ICD USA Section Foundation” (earlier noted to be a 503c3 entity—thereby making your entire donation a deductible action).

Once the amount and method have been determined you need to complete the Legacy Society Form and submit it to the USA Section Foundation as designated on the form. Once this information is received and verified, your Legacy Society benefits will be initiated.

Thank you for your consideration of this type of support for the ICD USA Section and Foundation. Your support will ensure we continue our humanitarian efforts!

ICD Contact:
International College of Dentists
USA Section Foundation Legacy Society
610 Professional Drive, STE 201
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Dr. Elaine Wagner, Executive Director