February 26, 1949 - February 3, 2020

The Dr. Bettie R. McKaig Memorial Fund was established to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Dr. McKaig. The Fund will be used to promote the projects that she championed in the ICD USA Section and the ICD Worldwide: International Student Experience (ISE), Leadership Development, international relationships, and student support. Dr. McKaig was a trailblazer throughout her professional life. For almost all organizations that she joined, she rose to the top, and in doing so, she often was the first woman to ascend to its primary leadership position.

Dr. McKaig excelled in every aspect of her life: her family, her community, and her profession. A general dentist for over 30 years, she still exhibited the commitment to her profession to serve in many local, state, national and international roles. After retirement she became an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina (UNC) Adams School of Dentistry, and was greatly admired and appreciated by all of the students she encountered.

In North Carolina, she was the first woman President of both the North Carolina Dental Society and North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners as well serving as President of the UNC Dental Alumni Association and the North Carolina Dental Society Foundation. She was active in the ADA Sixteenth District and served as the Chair of the Annual Session Council and as Vice President.

While she was active in many other organizations, she excelled in her many roles with the International College of Dentists. Starting as the North Carolina Deputy Regent, she became the Sixteenth District Regent and then went through the chairs of the ICD Worldwide, serving as President in 2019.

She leaves a loving family, many professional colleagues, and a huge number of friends throughout the world. While we will miss her leadership, her humor, and her commitment, we can remember and honor her best by exhibiting the good qualities she shared with us. This fund will also provide a method to honor her.

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Dr. Bettie R. McKaig Memorial Fund “Founders”

Dr. Michael L. Bydalek
Dr. Margaret M. Culotta-Norton
Dr. Richard Scott Eidson 
Dr. Harald O. Heymann 
Dr. William A. Hunter 
Dr. Arnold S. Jacobson 
Dr. Gerald R. Karr 
Dr. Joseph R. Kenneally & Dr. Lisa P. Howard
Dr. Stephen B. Mackler
Dr. Sandra Madison
Dr. Ned Murphy
Dr. John S. Olmsted 
Dr. Theodore M. Roberson 
Dr. Richard M. Smith
Dr. Ross Vaughan
Dr. Leighton A. Wier 
Dr. Vangel R. Zissi 
Dr. Samuel R. Zwetchkenbaum