Product Grant
Awarded on a First-Come First-Serve Basis!
The ICD USA Section Foundation in collaboration with Henry Schein Cares and the Worldwide College Global Visionary Fund is pleased to announce a Product Grant for ICD Fellows! 

First Deadline: January 31, 2024 at 9:00 AM EST

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Fellow Humanitarian Stimulus Grant
Are you an ICD USA Section Fellow with a
Non-Profit Charity/Foundation that could benefit from a $1,000 grant?

Deadline: March 31, 2024

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General Grant
Are you a Non-Profit Charity/Foundation participating in overseas
and/or local mission work that could benefit from a grant?

Deadline: July 31, 2024

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Approved for use in 2023

AADEJ Annual Session    $3,000.00
CMDA of Southern California - 20th Mission Trip to Guatemala   $3,000.00  
Colorado Mission of Mercy - Greeley, Colorado  $5,000.00
Dental Lifeline Network Florida - Donated Dental Services (DDS)  $5,000.00
E4V No-Cost Comprehensive Dental Care Program $5,000.00 
ICD USA Section Bettie R. McKaig Student Experience Program $20,000.00
ICD USA Section FOP Keynote Speaker $1,000.00
ICD USA Section FOP Reception  $8,000.00 
ICD USA Section Journalism Awards $1,200.00 
ICD USA Section Student Humanitarian Awards $3,400.00 
ICD USA Section Student Leadership Awards $3,400.00 
Interfaith Ministries Adult Free Clinic  $5,000.00 
North Charleston Dental Outreach Smiles Program $5,000.00 
RI MOM Free Dental Clinic, A Project of the RIOHF $4,000.00 
Romania Medical Dental Missions, A Project of ServingHIM $6,000.00 
Smiles International Foundation - BajaSmiles of Mexico  $5,000.00 
Smiles International Foundation - CostaRica Smiles    $5,000.00
The Virginia Home Dental Clinic   $5,000.00 
VA MOM, A Project of the Virginia Dental Association Foundation $5,000.00 
 TOTAL GRANTED $98,000.00


Approved for use in 2022

C-GASP Validation Project   $1,000.00 
Diversify Dentistry Youth Summit $1,000.00
Global Village Ministries - Mobile Clinic Units
MOSDOH Smiles for Veterans Program $1,000.00 
MOM-n-PA $1,000.00 
Seattle-King County Clinic  $1,000.00 
Special Olympics Wisconsin Gives Athletes a Smile Day                      $1,000.00
Texas Mission of Mercy $1,000.00
Veterans Smile Day, Fresno $1,000.00
WelcomeHealth Free from Pain Program $1,000.00
TOTAL GRANTED $10,000.00