Our Finances

We strive to be transparent with our finances so that you know exactly how your donations are used. Our finances are audited annually and the results are submitted to international charity monitoring organizations. We are proud to be consistently on the Top Ten lists for these organizations. The following is a summary of our of the last fiscal year results. Contact us for a complete annual report.

Where does your money go?

We take your trust in us seriously and carefully allocate funds so that your donations do the maximum good for our planet. Thanks to you, last year:

  • We set aside over 2500 square miles for urban wildlife habitats.
  • We reclaimed 15 former industrial sites for conversion to green spaces.
  • We relocated 3700 animals from endangered areas to safe havens.

92% of your donations go directly toward programs to improve our world and the wildlife that live here.

Fiscal year results

The iMIS Foundation finished the fiscal year on strong financial footing, despite the challenges of the economy. We have been fortunate to continue to receive generous donations and have not had to scale back any of our programs and conservation efforts.

We raised $24 million in new funds, which remained on par with the amount raised in the previous year. One-time contributions and membership funds accounted for 54% of our budget, with the remaining coming from ongoing contributions, estate and legacy gifts, and support from businesses and corporate partners.

We report our results are using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which require us to record income based on the year funds are raised, not when the gifts are designated to be used. As a result, our year-over-year revenue can and does fluctuate. When we build our budget, we examine funds from ongoing and legacy gifts as well as forecast income from new campaigns. The iMIS Foundation is committed to maintaining a balanced budget.