Our Recent Projects

Habitat-changing environmental monitoring system installed

A partnership between the iMIS Foundation and provincial governments of the Democratic Republic of Congo has resulted in a ground-breaking environmental monitoring system. In each region, these measurements help to create an accurate picture of the relationship among agriculture, nature and human well-being. The indicators we measure include sustainable agricultural production, water availability and quality, soil health, biodiversity, carbon stocks, climate resilience, household income, nutrition, and market access.

Field teams monitor agricultural productivity, ecosystem health, and human well-being measures in African landscapes with near real-time data to better understand the critical ecology of local habitats. This creates an accessible, transparent information resource for wildlife advocates and government decision makers. Future grants, funded by our contributors, will facilitate similar systems in neighboring countries.

Groups pool funds to save arctic habitat

Several nature conservancy organizations, along with the governments of Canada, Denmark, and Iceland, have agreed to contribute to a historic land purchase. The targeted area above the Arctic Circle provides critical habitat for narwals, beluga whales, and polar bears. The available habitat for these animals is shrinking as polar ice caps continue to melt.

Special capital campaigns at each of the conservancy organizations are underway with a target of purchasing at least 800 square miles on Ellesmare Island in the Canadian territory of Nunavit.