It's Your Choice!

Are you interested in a specific habitat or region? Do you prefer to help with a specific emergency effort? We have a variety of projects in locations around the world where your generous contribution would be of utmost importance.

Polar regions

Wildlife in the polar regions are in danger due to a variety of problems. The Arctic fox and the Pacific salmon are especially at risk. Our Polar Regions Project works to support these species through extensive monitoring networks and partnering with maritime shipping firms.

Support the Polar Regions Project

Deep-water ocean areas

The vastness of our planet's oceans and the variety of species who reside there have enormous impact on our world. The iMIS Foundation partners with government and non-government organizations around the globe to establish protected areas and to monitor conditions in these areas.

Support the Oceans Fund

Marshlands and fresh water habitats

The high concentration of mammals, birds, and fish in marshlands and fresh water wetlands is of special concern to the iMIS Foundation. Our capital campaign this year strives to fund a new safe haven for shorebirds who have lost their homes due to floods, pollution, or drought.

Support the Marshland Project

Desert regions

Because deserts are such barren landscapes, we tend to dismiss the needs of the unique species who have adapter to the harsh conditions. Our Desert Soils Initiative is a far-reaching effort to educate the residents of these areas about water conservation, soil preservation, and sustainable agricultural practices.

Support the Desert Soils Initiative

92% of the donations we receive go towards essential conservation projects

We take your trust in us seriously and carefully allocate funds so that your donations do the maximum good for our planet.