Branding for the USA Section

Dear Fellows:

We adopted a very proactive and energetic five year Applied Strategic Plan at our BOR Meeting in San Francisco. We were able to redefine our focus through an inspiring new vision expressed in a “Letter from the Future” of the best we can be, update our Mission, align our goals, and develop an ambitious business plan with concrete objectives. Our ASP provides us with an excellent blueprint for our preferred and most significant future with a very positive focus on the alignment and direction of the USA Section.

Goal I states that, “We are the preeminent honorary dental organization in the USA.”  As the Goal Champion for this goal, I want to address one of its key objectives and its importance to the success of our organization. The objective is to “Establish branding in all ICD activities/ products by the fall meeting 2013.” 

Bob Frazer, our ASP facilitator, defined Branding as a set of expectations communicated to the market place that the entity fulfills each and every time.  Our branding is implied in our Mission and Core Values.  It is the purpose why we exist as discussed in Simon Sinek’s book, “Start With Why.”  It responds to one of our initial goals for the ASP and the question of differentiation from other organizations.

Our Core Values are Integrity, Leadership, and Service and should be included in all of our branding efforts. The ICD Logo with our tagline of Core Values should be used when appropriate.  Our Mission Statement should be included in all of our publications, videos, and website and is included for your reference:

“The U.S.A. Section of the International College of Dentists, as part of the preeminent honorary dental organization in the world…

Recognizes and promotes excellence in leadership with an emphasis on service,
Provides support to our Fellows and respect for our peers,
Addresses oral health needs and education throughout the world, and
Fosters an atmosphere of collaboration with those who share our values.
Our ICD Professional Video, produced by the Big Picture, and our in-house narrated Orientation Video meet another objective under Goal I and will provide excellent support for our branding efforts. These videos will clearly reflect the richness, heritage, and projects of the Section to current Fellows, future candidates, the profession, the public, and prospective sponsors. They will be available for distribution to all Districts and Chapters after the 2013 Spring Meeting and will be able to be viewed on our website at

Our last objective under Goal I will support our branding efforts both directly and indirectly.  This objective establishes a Director of Wow for our Section. The Director will identify, articulate, and assist in implementing those components that will bring the “Wow” to the organization. This includes pertinent and positive communications, enhancing the image and value of Fellowship, underscoring our Core Values in all of our activities, and continuous refinement and improvement of our image as reflected in our office and on site appearance. We are fortunate to have our PR consultant, Paula Rinaudo, serve as our first Director.

Our Section was presented with a new College at Large banner at our BOR Meeting in San Francisco by College-at-Large President Garry Lunn and Past President Charles Siroky. Banners and flags have been ordered for all Districts and Constituent Chapters. These should be displayed at all District, Chapter, and ICD sponsored events to support our branding efforts.

The USA Section and many ICD Fellows give generously of their time and efforts in supporting philanthropic and humanitarian projects, MOMs, Student Exchanges, Great Expectations, Student Clubs, the Fisher House Project, and Peace Corps exams. The list is endless and the contributions reflect the spirit and commitment of the ICD and our Fellows. It is important that these events be posted on Facebook or included in articles in the KEY, KeyNotes, or KEY-mail.  Please contact Dr. Rich Galeone or our PR Consultant, Paula Rinaudo for assistance.

The ICD and USA Section have a great story to tell, and it is important that we share this story with our Fellows, the profession, and the public. This sharing of our story with our branding will reinforce the value of Fellowship for our current Fellows and increase the desire for excellent candidates to aspire to Fellowship.  It will also provide sponsors with incentives to support our many outstanding leadership and humanitarian projects. All of these efforts will be supported by establishing a strong and consistent ICD USA Brand and the commitment of our leadership and Fellows in developing and promoting that brand.

In Fellowship,
W. Michael Kenney, DDS, MS
2012 President, USA Section
International College of Dentists

December 2012