This program is endorsed by the International College of Dentists USA Section.

Everyone for Veterans (E4V) empowers veterans to lead healthy and fulfilled lives by providing them with
resources, support, and comprehensive dental care.

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WHO WE ARE: We are a catalyst for community connection. E4V mobilizes civilians and professionals to support our greatest national treasure - our veterans and their families.
WHO WE SERVE: We serve eligible veterans (and spouses)  who are experiencing financial difficulties. We do not provide assistance for emergency care.
WHAT WE DO: We work in concert with civilians and professionals to provide free comprehensive dental care, goods, & services, to eligible veterans of the U.S Armed Forces and their spouses.  

Everyone for Veterans (E4V) was founded by Dr. Theresa Cheng, 2021’s American Dental Association Humanitarian of the Year Award recipient. Wanting to give back to our nation’s veterans returning home from deployment, in 2008 she decided to pay forward her dental expertise and provide free dental care to several combat veterans and their spouses at her private practice in Issaquah, WA. It immediately became apparent the veteran community was greatly underserved concerning dental services, so she contacted several colleagues who eagerly agreed to provide the same pro-bono services at their clinics. E4V became a 501c3 in January of 2017 and has developed into an award-winning non-profit partnered with an extensive network of pro-bono dental providers and dental schools across the United States.

Everyone for Veterans collaborates with civilians and professionals to provide free comprehensive dental care and other services to veterans and their families across the nation. Our veterans often spend a lifetime with urgent care at low-cost dental clinics but never accomplish a healthy dental state. E4V's comprehensive care model, not only resolves current dental issues but sets them up for long-term oral and overall health, breaking the cycle of perpetual urgent care.

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"I cannot put into words how incredibly happy I am right now. I find myself smiling a big full smile and do not feel embarrassed. I am talking more and holding my head high while doing it because my self-confidence has started returning an incredible amount and it's all thanks to the amazing work E4V does." - Iraq War Veteran, Jason Brink