The International College of Dentists is a leading honorary dental organization dedicated to the recognition of outstanding professional achievement, meritorious service, and the continued progress of the profession of dentistry for the benefit of all humankind.  Any member in good standing may "Sponsor" a dentist within the USA Section for Fellowship through the Constituent Chapter/State in which the candidate resides.

One of the most significant events in a dentist's career is being recognized as a Fellow of the International College of Dentists. Such acceptance signifies that one has brought honor to the dental profession through devoted service and high ethical behavior.

The idea for the College was created in 1920 by Dr. Louis Ottofy with the help of Dr. Tsurukichi Okumura of Japan and incorporated in 1928. Its purpose was to promote cordial relations within the profession and help disseminate scientific information.

The College was formed to advance the science and art of dentistry for the health and welfare of the public, to bring together the world's outstanding members of the dental profession for the exchange of dental knowledge, and to encourage the growth of the profession worldwide.

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