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This report was created by Dr. Margaret Culotta-Norton and Dr. Theodore Roberson.

In 2012 the USA Section of the ICD developed an Applied Strategic Plan (ASP) to guide it for resource and effort priorities through 2017. As part of that ASP activity, the Section adopted the goal of surveying its Fellows to determine their expectations of the Section. One survey was for USA Fellows who had been inducted within the past 10 years. The survey was developed and conducted in 2014. This report provides the general information gleamed from that survey.

ICD Fellows inducted in the last 10 years responded:
1.  Expectations of the Section
         a. Believe the mission is to “promote and recognize leadership and service” (70%)
         b. Believe the primary benefit of ICD Fellowship is the Honor (67%)
         c. Believe the primary focus should be in the USA (74%) not international (26%)
2.  Communication Issues
         a. Want to communicate by email (90%).
         b.  Prefer publications that are electronic (50%) or electronic/printed combined (50%) and they value the KEY,
              Key-Notes, and Key –Mail while not familiar with other informational or project brochures.
         c.  Visit the USA website (70%) due to a variety of offerings
                       i.  Nomination of Fellows
                      ii.  Events, projects, and activities
                     iii.  Section and District news
         d.  Would like more information about:
                       i.  ICD Foundation and its activities
                      ii.  Section activities
                     iii.  Board of Regent issues and activities
                      iv.  Volunteerism
         e.  Know their state or district ICD leaders (85%)
         f.  Don’t know about many USA projects and activities
                       i.  Over 50% know about White Coat ceremonies and the KEY
                      ii.  But only 20-25% know about other Section/Foundation projects-International Student Exchange,
                           Peace Corps, Fisher House, Journalism Awards, Student and National Leadership awards, etc.
3.  Continuing Education Issue
         a.  DON’T expect the Section to provide CE (73%)
         b.  Might participate in Section CE
                       i.  ICD Annual meeting in US (33%)
                      ii.  International (33%)
                     iii.  Cruise (15%)
                      iv.  Family activity/CE (15%)
4.  Volunteerism
     (Not sure how many or what percentage do volunteer services but there was a large response about community
     volunteer activities they were involved in. Over 750 volunteer activities were identified by the 380 survey
        a.  Are not aware of Section Volunteerism Seminars (67%)
        b.  Have volunteer interest in:
                       i.  US (31%)
                      ii.  International (25%)
                     iii.  Local community (19%)
                      iv.  Not interested (25%)
5.  Personal Involvement
        a.  Only 40% want to be more involved in ICD (primarily at state level)
        b.  Do not desire an ICD mentor (60%)
        c.  Know their local ICD leaders (90%)
        d.  Nomination of candidates
                         i.  58% have not nominated a candidate for Fellowship
                        ii.  42% have nominated one or more candidates
                       iii.  Would like helpful nomination process information from local leaders
                        iv.  Would like helpful information about identification of potential nominees
6.  Foundation
        a.  Only 32% have contributed to the ICDF
        b.  Only 17% wanted more information about the Foundation
        c.  75% are not aware of the potential to seek grants from the Foundation

The significant findings:
  • The Section should “promote and recognize” leadership and service, not “provide” them.   70%
  • The Section is not expected to provide CE.   73%       
  • Fellows apparently provide much volunteer activity at the local level.   40%
  • Fellows believe that USA ICD efforts should be in the US, not international.   74%
  • Less than half want to be more involved in the ICD or to have an ICD mentor.    40%
Fellows don’t know much about:
  • ICD Foundation
  • Many Section and Foundation projects and activities
  • Volunteerism Seminars