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  1. Personal Considerations:
    1. The candidate shall have demonstrated integrity, leadership and service.
    2. The candidate shall have strength of character and the endorsement of recognized
    3. The length of the candidate’s professional career shall be an important consideration.
  2. Record of Achievement: The candidate shall demonstrate a record of exceptional achievement in at least two of the following four categories:
    1. Academia
      1. Advanced academic appointment
      2. Research
      3. Publication in refereed journals
      4. Lectures, presentations beyond the home university setting
    2. Professional
      1. Appointment or election to leadership in dental associations or initiatives
      2. Leadership record as a student may be considered
    3. Professional Service Altruism
      1. Substantive record of volunteerism in dental humanitarian projects
      2. Recognition, awards received for community service and altruism
    4. Community Achievements
      1. Substantive record of civic, government, or non-government organization volunteerism
      2. Offices held by election or appointment within their community
      3. Leadership of specific initiatives: e.g. charitable fundraising